About Fine After 50

The words “health” and “fitness” usually conjure up images of physical well-being: having a healthy and trim body that’s strong and in shape, not flabby or weak or overweight. To be sure, information about physical health and fitness is one of the primary emphases of these pages. But there are other areas of health and fitness that are also important: mental (which includes intellectual, psychological and emotional), spiritual (which overlaps the mental areas), and financial, to name just a few.

Fine After 50 in Body

How can we be Fine After 50 in spite of the physical limitations that begin to crop up as we get older? We’ll give you tips on how to get in better shape physically and how to stay in shape longer. We’ll also point to additional resources that can encourage and help you physically.

Fine After 50 in Mind

Being Fine After 50 requires a different attitude and mindset than what we probably had at age 25 nor 30. We’re at or past the midpoint of our lives at age 50. The body is starting to slow down and wear out. We simply can’t do all of the things we used to be able to do at 30. If we don’t mentally accept and adjust to the physical changes that are taking place in our bodies, we’ll become frustrated and discouraged — perhaps even depressed.

In our workshops, we focus on the importance of having the right mental attitude regarding the aging process and the physical changes we’re experiencing. We also teach you how to adjust and manage your expectations.

Fine After 50 in Spirit

On this page we will be talking about the spiritual requirements for, and the implications of, being Fine After 50 — from our own perspectives, of course.

As beings created by God in His image, we are trinities composed of body, mind, and spirit. To ignore or suppress or downplay the importance of any of these components of our existence is to do harm to ourselves.

Just because we can’t see the spiritual realm does not mean it doesn’t exist. We can’t see the nuclear binding force in the physical realm, but we know it exists and we can derive knowledge from our confidence or faith in that existence. Nor can we see consciousness in the realm of the mind or soul, but we know that consciousness exists and we can derive knowledge from our confidence or faith in that existence.

Similarly, we can know that a spiritual realm exists, and we can derive knowledge from our confidence or faith in that existence by analyzing our own experiences and comparing them with the evidence left behind by past spiritual thinkers and their followers.

If you have questions or want additional information, please contact us at fineafter50@gmail.com.

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