Welcome to FineAfter50.com, the blog dedicated to providing useful health and fitness information for both men and women who are age 50 or older. If you are still 40-something or even 30-something, soon to be 40, don’t leave this site just yet, because most of the information you will find here applies to you as well.

FineAfter50.com is owned and maintained by Phil Bailey (age 65) and Tina Fox (age 58). We’ve both experienced a number of changes in our bodies and minds since we passed the half-century mark in age. We want to share our experiences and the things we’ve learned from them with those of you who are in our age group or are approaching it.

Many of the facts and tips you will find in the following pages are things we wish had been shared with us before the inevitable aging process began to take place in our bodies. Our hope is that by reading our stories and absorbing the things we’ve learned, you will be better prepared to accept and cope with the changes in your own life that are bound to come if they haven’t come already.

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The words “health” and “fitness” usually conjure up images of physical well-being: having a healthy and trim body that’s strong and in shape, not flabby or weak or overweight. To be sure, information about physical health and fitness is one of the primary emphases of these pages. But there are other areas of health and fitness that are also important: mental (which includes intellectual, psychological and emotional), spiritual (which overlaps the mental areas), and financial, to name just a few.

Our goal is to share useful information about how to achieve and maintain health and fitness in all of the key areas of life. We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions pertaining to either or both of us, as well as pertaining to any of the information on our site.